John Figueroa Consulting

well RESPECTED IN the pavements INDUSTRY

About Us

In 2006, John led the Australian asphalt study tour to the US and also in 2007 to Europe and South Africa. 

John represented RMS as a member of the Austroads Asphalt Research Reference Group. 

John has international exposure and is often invited to present at conferences and events. 

John is well known by his peers for his passion for pavements and has been a key player in the flexible pavement industry towards the implementation of the following technologies:

  • Asphalt additives for winter paving and for long haul projects
  • Stone mastic asphalt in New South Wales
  • Glass in asphalt
  • Process control in asphalt production
  • Use of Traffic Speed Deflectometer for pavement structural condition assessment

All the above technologies were implemented with zero failure rate. This was achieved through partnering with the pavements industry.

In 2014, John led a study tour to Belgium concentrating on continuously reinforced concrete roundabouts. Belgium is a leader in CRCP in roundabouts. Based on his strong relationships with professionals in Belgium, John has introduced and adapted this technology to Australian conditions.